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Top Fitness Model Contest

We are looking for the next Top Fitness Model!

Earn $2,500 and have the possibility to become a companies spokesmodel and Earn 6 Figures every year!

Must be 18 years of age: 

Grand PrizeThe Winner of the 2016 Fitness Model Competition will receive $2,500 Cash, Photo shoot with top photographer, a feature on our website and submission to a top fashion magazine cover and the, title of Top Fitness Model Competition Winner – 2016.

To Enter
Submit your “Perfect Selfie and Video” pics:

  • Shoot 2 photos and 2 Videos showing your promotional sales skills. 
  • Look at the camera and focus the lens
  • Hold a sign (or write on your body) #thepowertape, Your Name, and Location (Ex. #thepowertape, Sarah Smith, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Providing a Facebook-friendly Provocative photo (appropriate photos only)
  • Video Must inspiring, talk positively about the product, and make people want to watch you and want the product. Don’t try and over sell. (Ex. Quality, Look, Feel, etc.)
  • Must be 18 or older at time of contest entry.
  • Submit below and post on Facebook and Instagram with the Hashtags #fitnessmodel #personalpowertraining #thepowertape, #onlinefitnessprogram, #getfit #fitnessexpert
  • Photo 1: Photo of you wearing swimwear or workout attire. With your name, location. #risquemarketing #fitnessmodelcontest #personalpowertraining #thepowertape #seducty #ritzyties
  • Photo options for 2nd photo: photo of you wearing and sporting. Power Tape (get a free sample here:, hashtag #thepowertape
  • Option 2: Photo of you working out in a fitness outfit with post url: in post, hashtag #bestonlinetrainingprogram #getlean #personalpowertraining
  • Option 3: Photo of you eating delicious food with url: #yummyfood, #bestrecipes #healthyrecipes #fitfoods #bestrecipes
  • Video 1: Video of you wearing swimwear or workout attire talking about why you want to become a fitness model. Say your name, location and be yourself. #risquemarketing #fitnessmodelcontest #personalpowertraining #thepowertape #seducty #ritzyties
  • Video 2 option 1: Give a product testimonial on this product:
  • Video 2 option 2: Give a product testimonial on this online training program:
  • Video 2 option 3: Give a product testimonial on these recipe books:

Submission Period – Dec 30th 2016

Dec 30th 2016 — Top 20 Announced & Video Contest

We will announce the top 20 contestants based on number of votes, likes, shares, etc. Each finalist will need to submit another 30sec-1 minute video telling us how to much they love the a certain fitness company or product.

Videos will be posted on Facebook, and fans will get to make their final comments about each contestant.

Winner of the 2016  Model Search Contest will be announced on Facebook.

Contestants please submit your info and photos/videos Below: 

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